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Building 7 No.313 Tianmushan Road Hangzhou Zhejiang China Zip/ 310013
Sunac. Mogan Valley. Zhulinli Demonstration Area
Sunac Group
Completed in 2021
Hospitality / Bed and Breakfast
Andrew Martin Interior Design Award / Frame Awards Shortlisted / Dezeen Award China 2023 Shortlist

The poetic life does not come from afar,but from the heart inspired by external.

The German Romantic poet Hölderlin once wrote the poem "Man, dwelling poetically", depicting the ideal life of divine connection between man, earth and nature.As it is called, poetry is the way for man to reach the dimension of divinity, the essence of which is creation. In a fit state to face the world around, this material world will reveal to people a spiritual intention that transcends the material.

The demonstration area of the Zhulinli group in Mogan Xi Valley is located at the eastern foot of Moganshan in Deqing City, born between five native stream valleys, next to the Farming Museum, and only 15-30 minutes drive from the Moganshan scenic area.WJ STUDIO aims to position the project in a simple and pure lifestyle that embraces nature, reflecting on the similarities and differences in the positioning of residential products on the market and recreating the essence of living in space.

Therefore, the essence of living does not depend on where you are but on your state of mind. "It is only through this that the intrinsic meaning of design for the space itself can enter the heart. Laugier's The Primitive Hut proposed an archetype of living space, an ideal architectural form that embodies something natural and intrinsic. This theory later influenced a series of architects such as Semper and Corbusier and profoundly influenced the modernist exploration of the nature of living space.Moganxi Valley. The design of the demonstration area of the Zhulinli group includes exhibition, reception, catering and cultural living spaces, and the interior design of three showrooms.

Through combing the whole project, we hope to reinterpret life from the perspective of design so that the space can become the externalisation of an independent individual's lifestyle, instead of being defined by the mainstream style of the market, and break the programmed logic of the interior space of the residence from the perspective of design.  


The House of Wood

The house has two floors connected by an open staircase, separating the social and leisure spaces from the lounge areas. The satin-like spiral staircase echoes the mountainous landscape outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, not only uniting the two floors spatially but also maintaining a visual continuity between them, allowing the tension between modern and natural elements to bring more layers to the interior space. In the space designed for families, we chose a large wood finish to emphasise the warmth and calmness of the original wood, linen and white walls. The choice of furniture in neutral tones in the children's room subtly incorporates a hint of childlike interest in a natural and casual style. At the same time, the design of the bathroom balances the overall tone and look of a modern feel.  


The House of Design

The social, work, leisure and other attributes are brought back into the concept of  'living'. Based on the consideration of the diversification of residential products, it is more suitable for the use of life itself. The current residential production can no longer carry the spiritual needs beyond the functionality. The color of the floor and the warm wooden furniture create a gentle and original atmosphere. Combining the well-ordered and accessible structure of the grouping, a spatial scene is presented through the changes in space, colour and material, with thoughts of warmth and calmness, light and darkness, roughness and delicacy,nature and artificiality.The space is not only a display, but also a reflection of real life. The pursuit of the ultimate life experience will penetrate the details into the design of space.


The House of Nature

Life is not only about art, but it is also about variety, and in nature, the interiors are continued more brilliantly. Tents, moss, trees, everything natural ‘grows’ indoors. The second home showroom is a two-story detached building. The living and dining areas on the entrance level flow smoothly, making life easy and relaxing in the sunlight. The metal lines create a modern, legant and light texture, while the original wooden furniture and brass lamps and ornaments create the intimate feel of a living room at home. The sunlight through the large floor-to-ceiling viewing windows suggests the slow flow of time, depicting a relaxed holiday. The natural grain of the wood and the decorations made of grass and wood materials create a natural atmosphere of a secluded home. A freestanding music den with nostalgic vinyl records brings back memories of the past. Away from the city, away from the noise.