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Mr Hu Zhile was invited to attend the 26th ANDREW MARTIN INTERIOR DESIGN AWARDS CEREMONY

On 14th March 2023, the 26th ANDREW MARTIN International Interior Design Award Ceremony was successfully held in Shanghai Bulgari Hotel, and Mr. Hu Zhile, Founder & Design Director of WJ Studio, was invited to attend the ceremony as one of the 100 outstanding designers in the world. 

 In this year's ANDREW MARTIN INTERIOR DESIGN AWARDS, WJ STUDIO's two works: Fuzhou Mawei Shipbuilding Library and Sunac. Mogan Valley. Zhulinli Group Demonstration Area was honoured to be selected!


Viewpoint: There are always new ideas on the way of design

"Thinking is the greatest pleasure of human" said playwright Brecht. This is also the favorite thing of Leo Hu. When we come into the office, we saw him sitting there, wrapped in the black jacket, and seems to be a quiet guy. But in the next communication we find that he was in fact quite a friendly person and was very eager to share with us all his rational thoughts and insights on design. After in-depth talking, we find he is a wise man. After graduated from school, he also worked in the famous design companies and now he found WJ Design. During the past ten years, each work designed by Leo Hu has never only been a product of the first appearance, but rather a long-term consideration.  

Media Report by ARCHER


Speech on “How to accurately focus the demand for commercial space design”

Hu Zhile was invited to an Online Speech by the Shejitt App about "how to accurately focus the demand for commercial space design" .He also shared some important commercial peojects finished nearly half a year, including the Lefit+plus center recently completed, the Bund sales center of Xihu, and a multi commercial space named BO space located in the Hehuang Park.During the communication for nearly 1.5 hours, more than 2000 people online at the same time to listen to the live Speech.


Hu ZhiLe was invited to make speech at the 2017 INSIDE in Berlin

The world's largest and most prestigious architectural awards ceremony is comming.It will be a complete comb of the past year's new building, called "the architecture of Oscar". The world Interior Design Festival, which belongs to the World Architecture Festival, INSIDE naturally represents the most advanced level of interior design in the world. This year,78 projects from the global competitors to become finalists, and the 1/3 finalists from china. The final prize will be held from November 15th to 17th at the Berlin arena, Germany.

With the excellent design work, WJ STUDIO occupies 2 seats in more than 20 Chinese entries, and its founder and Director designer Hu Zhile was invited to attend the INSIDE World Festival of Interiors in Berlin for the projects speech.

The ultimate pursuit of hardcover design

On 8th April, Youcai Business School 2017 Shanghai Station, which is sponsored by the China Real Estate Purchase Platform and Sina Real Estate, invited three speakers from Wanjing Design, Zhongliang Real Estate Group and 3Trees Paint. It is a detailed share of the trend of real estate from different perspectives of designer, estate agent, and supplier. 

As one of the lecture speakers, the founder and design director from Wanjing Design, Leo Hu thinks that from the development of residential sample room, we found that the requirement of residential design is about basic demand, style, and culture and eventually back to life itself. Regarding the inner decoration, previously it was 70% hard decoration and 30% soft decoration, but now those figures have reversed. The way to express the value of a residence through New Chinese, Modern, and North European styles are no longer able to meet the modern needs of a home decoration. Focus on life itself is the ultimate pursuit of modern design. Modern residential sample room should focus more on the expression of life itself, rather than a decoration form. In order to get a higher sense of the residential value and to turn to a cultural thinking and living condition, we shall consider the architectural design, landscape design, interior design and soft design as a whole design process, to make both the in and outsides of a property consistent with one another.


WJ STUDIO | New Scene

WJ STUDIO ( referred to as the Wanjing Design), which was founded in 2014, focuses on interior decoration art design, with smart space and unique style as its concept. In contrast to the present  interior design style which is too formal with excessive stacking design elements, we pay more attention to the continuity of interior and exterior space and its creative thinking. 

We offer the best indoor design solutions with elegant and productive time extensibility based on our own understanding of buildings, surroundings and the core value of the products. 

The founder and the core team of our company are composed of domestic elite designers with working experiences in overseas top design firms in various fields such as hotels, commerces, offices etc., our team are not only capable of offering designs in global view but more being local experts on projects follow-up services.